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Tool Parameters and Filters

Every tool has a set of options on the left-hand panel. Switch between your projects using the dropdown at the top.

Project Switcher

Switch between different projects while keeping the rest of the parameters the same. This can help you compare results between different datasets.

Data Filtering

On-demand filters are accessible via a dropdown menu for any tool. These filters allow you to exclude outliers or remove any data you don't want to see in the visualization or feature selection result.

OTU Filtering

OTU filtering is automatically applied on feature selection tools to improve performance
  • Low-expression OTUs can be automatically filtered out using the count and prevalence threshold
    • Count Threshold: OTUs are only kept if their total count across all samples is greater than or equal to this number
    • Prevalence Threshold: OTUs are only kept if they occur with a non-zero count across all samples with this percentage or greater.
  • OTU filtering
    • Use this to filter out specific OTUs or taxonomic groups. Supports "include all but this" or "exclude all but this"

Sample filtering

  • Remove specific sample IDs by choosing the "Sample IDs" option
  • Remove entire sample groups by filtering by a categorical metadata variable (eg. remove the entire control group to assess how the correlation changes)
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